AMORC Unmasked

A Caring Whistleblower

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2009 AT 08:32AM

When organizations or leaders have cast a spell over people, either directly or indirectly, through Mind Control or dedicated and pervasive methods of advertising, persuasive writing or propaganda, it is hard to overcome objections through reason. This is why we still have a tobacco industry, why we go to war over weapons of mass destruction when there are none, why we overlook the drug and personal problems of some of our national heroes, allowing the press to blot out important national news stories. That is why we have dictatorships in this world. Many people who vigorously defend their political party or government- right or wrong- are almost entirely influenced by sound bites on television.

So this is how I look at my critics- well-meaning people who, because of various influences, generally allow their prejudices and imagination to override any criticism of persons in leadership positions or organizations.

I don’t hate them. I am a caring whistleblower.


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