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12-Analyzing the Master Monographs-Section NEOPHYTE Degree 1, Monograph 1 – Part 2 By AMORC Whistleblower Pierre S. Freeman

12-Analyzing the Master Monographs-Section NEOPHYTE Degree 1, Monograph 1 – Part 2 By AMORC Whistleblower Pierre S. Freeman

Based on Lewis Monographs


“You have selected your one night in the week which is to count more in your life than any other night you have ever spent in your life”


Many former cult members have drawn a clear comparison between the rush of elation, and intense cosmic belonging they felt at the beginning of their journeys to the feeling that certain drug addicts must achieve when they experience their first time getting high.

Both the cult and the drugs create a context which normalizes otherwise anti-social, or downright harmful behavior. Both draw their power from their ability to reliably heighten and alter the victims’ mood, impairing their ability to think and act clearly.

However, whilst few, if any, labor under the misconception that drug are a good choice to make if you’re seeking to become a successful, functional member of society; cults sell themselves as exactly such a solution. The answer to every single one of your personal woes, from relationship issues, to financial difficulties, physical health concerns, to emotional problems; cults such as  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC), promise that they alone can fix them all.

Those of you who have read some of the detailed descriptions given in the monographs hosted on  will understand how this in particular, applies to the Rosae Crucis.

“All of us, with possibly a few exceptions, have passed through this stage of being told that we must put our faith and trust solely in what can be seen or weighed or felt by the outer objective senses…it makes us doubters, skeptics.”


Perceptions, cognitions, feelings and memories; these are the major components which any sane mind must rely on in order to make sense of its surroundings. In a world where you might be exposed to all manner of situations and inputs, you must be able to trust in your own senses. When our recollections or immediate impressions are thrown into doubt and rebuked at every turn, then what do we have left to rely on?

According to  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) it is the “spiritual consciousness” instead, which we should turn to not the worldly wisdom contained within reading, writing, art, and culture. No, it is the higher knowledge taught through the monographs which contains the real truth.

There is a word for when your experiences are constantly undermined, and your deepest convictions are disputed at every turn. In relationship counseling this pattern of behavior is known as Gaslighting, a form of manipulation which is used to create a constant sense of cognitive dissonance in the mind of the victim, inspiring them to rely wholly on the judgment of the abuser for guidance.  In the complete introductory monograph which can be read in its entirety on, readers can see how clearly the writer seeks to inspire this dissonance; with the idea of two competing consciousnesses residing within the mind of the new recruit.

“We realize then that for many years, for the best part of our lives, we have been shutting out a larger world, a more dependable world.”


What more solid and trustworthy than our own sense, the teachings of  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) apparently.

7th Degree Monographs Link


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