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11-Analyzing the Master Monographs-Section NEOPHYTE Degree 1, Monograph 1 – Part 1 By AMORC Whistleblower Pierre S. Freeman

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“The password for this degree is Reflection; it appears in the initiation ritual. The grip is an ordinary handshake; but while giving it, press your thumb three times lightly on the other person’s index finger”

We begin this series of analyses, by taking a look back at the very first published reading material, made available to new  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) recruits. Within this document lie many of the seeds which will grow into full-fledged brainwashing techniques further into the reader’s journey with the Rosae Crucis.

Those of you that have visited and seen the full text of some of the  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) monographs will immediately recognize that this monograph differs in some key ways.  First of all there is no consideration of a famous opinion here, nor is there any direct reference to the Class Master himself. Instead the reader is welcomed into society’s exclusive membership with a series of instructions.

Recruits are told to commit themselves to a regular schedule of study and reflection. They are described the procedure to be undertaken before attempting any  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) rituals, and they are given the password and protocol for making contact with other members of the secret fraternity.

“First light both candles on your altar; then with the other lights in your room turned low, either read or sing softly the chant”

In these early passages, the cult looks for two things in a potential recruit; susceptibility to strong influence, and a need for direction. Understand that cult recruiters are masterful in their ability to read the mindsets of potential members; they are skilled in identifying those who are open to persuasion and manipulation. In fact the entire recruitment process is geared towards weeding out the skeptical, the strong-minded and the self-reliant.

For an everyday example of this technique, look no further than E-mail scams, have you ever wondered why these “official” communications, are often so poorly written, and patently illogical? It’s not because scammers aren’t able to write a more convincing message, it’s because they don’t want to convince you. No, these E-mails are specifically designed to attract only the most gullible and naïve; only those who would not question paying their hard-earned money towards completely unsubstantiated claims.

In the case of the monographs, by issuing their instructions firmly and confidently, and enticing readers with the promise of greater knowledge to come,  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) filters out those who would question their authority, or balk at some of their more extreme demands. Those who wish to read further, are already prepared to buy in.

“We expect that at least every two weeks throughout this Degree you will make a report to the Department of Instruction of how you are understanding the monograph lessons and how you are keeping up with your weekly study period”

Journalist, Jeff. C. Stevenson spent years looking into cult behavior interviewing many members of the now defunct Church of the Risen Christ. In describing the common characteristics different cults share he writes the following,

“Control is always the goal of the leader and he or she must constantly monitor the group to ensure all members remain loyal to the community and its teachings and purposes.”

Cults thrive on control, the more control a member is willing to surrender to their cult the more diminished their sense of personal agency becomes. Instituting a system of reporting and self-monitoring creates a clear sense that your personal life falls within  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC)’s purview.

With these bi-weekly communications, members create an increasing sense of accountability to the faceless entity that is  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC). Weeks where they’re not able to complete their period of allotted study create a sense of shame and internal guilt. After all, they have to report their failures to the society, and they may even receive a clear communication of disappointment back. Repeated failure may even stop a member from advancing further in  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC).

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