AMORC Unmasked


9781604940244My name is Pierre S. Freeman. I am the author of The Prisoner of San Jose: How I Escaped from Rosicrucian Mind Control and AMORC UNMASKED: The Hidden Mind Mind Control Techniques of the Famous So-called Rosicrucian Order. This website offers the visitor a glimpse into the devious world of the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis, commonly called AMORC. This alleged Rosicrucian Order with American headquarters in San Jose, California and has been operating in the United States and elsewhere for almost a century.

AMORC, whose flamboyant ads have branded them in the public mind with the term, “Rosicrucians,” offers its members an opportunity to develop themselves through a set of occult exercises set forth over a period of years. These exercises demonstrate to the member how to see auras, to telepathically communicate, to move objects with their minds, to travel out of their bodies, to capture their past incarnations and to transmit psychic energy to treat a variety of serious medical conditions. Further, through an “occult” operation called ‘assumption,” they teach members to take over other people’s thoughts, feelings and physical bodies- even those of world leaders- for the sake of creating positive events for oneself and the world. For twenty-four years I was a victim of this cult, as I document in my first book, The Prisoner of San Jose.

9781604943320Whereas Prisoner explains exactly how the covert of AMORC’s Mind Control platform helped transform me from a prosperous, upwardly mobile engineering student in Haiti to a desperate, homeless vagrant in America, my new book, AMORC UNMASKED, reveals considerably more about the progressively hypnotic program of exercises that form the foundation for AMORC’s Mind Control Agenda. Prisoner shows how and why AMORC is basically a factory for creating cult personalities, which feeds its trough with monthly dues and other forms of financial compensation. UNMASKED goes further, disclosing the details of how AMORC apes theoretically real spiritual organizations to create a complex web of theology that provides support for enticing the member to undergo thorough training in self-hypnosis.

By utilizing this hypnotic suggestion, the member begins to accept AMORC’s validity, by way of suggestion heightened through hypnosis, self-induced hypnotic hallucinations and hyper-commitment to AMORC’s improvable theological claims. These claims include a heavy cult phobic or fear-based response to thoughts or feelings about leaving the protection of the only real and complete spiritual organization in the world.

I believe that any serious spiritual seeker, as well as anyone interested in the subject of Mind Control- students of psychology, mass culture, history of the Rosicrucians and other esoteric organizations, hypnosis, subliminal methods of advertising, parapsychology, meditation and many other subjects relating to spiritual growth and development- would find my books helpful in unraveling both the values and the dangers involved in the spiritual journey.